Considering Selling?

Selling Mineral Rights

Selling Mineral Rights
If you aren’t sure if selling your mineral rights is the right decision, Aegis will give you clear and prudent advice based on your personal situation. If it makes sense, selling mineral rights is a good way to get a guaranteed return on your asset and have someone else assume the speculative risk.

If you have a large holding, but are unsure why not sell down to get a return now and save the rest? You don’t have to sell all of your rights to work with us. We can help you create a customized deal to give you cash flow and still retain a portion of your rights.

If you have rights that are currently producing, you can send us back up check detail information (check stubs, etc.) and know your information is secure and confidential as we evaluate your property.

If you decide to sell your mineral rights, the process is easy. Here is what will happen:

  • Whether we visit in-person or work together by via mail, email, fax, or phone, all you need to do is get the paperwork signed and send it back.
  • We will research the history of title on your property.
  • Once the title research is complete and we confirm everything is clear of burdens, we will send your payment and file the document of record
  • That’s it.

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