Does It Make Sense?

Selling Oil and Gas Royalties

Selling Oil and Gas Royalties

Why sell your royalty or mineral interests? This is a question asked by mineral and royalty owners alike.

If you have producing interests right now, you may be receiving monthly payments for your oil or gas royalties, but this income doesn’t always give you the financial assurances you need.

Some advantages to selling oil and gas royalties or mineral interests are:

  • Receiving a large, lump sum payout rather than monthly, quarterly or yearly checks.
  • Reducing the expenses for trusts, estates, partnerships and monthly distributions.
  • Eliminating the paperwork and accounting hassles.
  • Allows estate consolidation or liquidation.

Aegis Energy Partners, LLC is dedicated to providing you a fair market price for your producing and non-producing properties. Our expertise and experience will help you get the most value from your interests.

You don’t have to sell everything.

We understand your concern about selling all of your mineral rights. Many of our clients have had the same concern. What they have found was that by selling 1/2 of the mineral rights and keeping the other 1/2, they were able to hedge their bets on both sides of the opportunity.

You receive a lump sum of payment up front for the sale and still retain the long-term upside by retaining the other half of your mineral rights. It’s a good approach to reduce some of the risk.

Aegis Energy Partners has a map showing our areas of interest as well as geographic areas where we are currently seeking mineral rights. If you are interested in having a free property evaluation or submitting your property for consideration, contact us today!